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п»їModule Three Wellbeing Plan

Fill out all records and response the representation questions totally with assisting details.

Section 1: Goals

Include your desired goals for each part of wellness prior to completing the reflection problem. 1 . Physical

2 . Sociable

3. Psychological

4. Academic

Goal Expression Questions:

Describe your progress for each goal. For those who have met or exceeded a target, also include a new goal for your area of health and fitness. If you are continue to working toward a goal, describe the specific actions you will decide on help you full it.

Section 2: Target Heart Rate

Originally, my personal resting heart rate was ______ bpm.

Actually, my target heart rate sector was _____ bpm to _____ bpm.

Currently, my resting heart rate is ______ bpm.

Presently, my focus on heart rate zone is _____ bpm to _____ bpm.

Have your RHR and THRZ improved since initial measured in Module One particular? Have you been working more on the lower or higher end of the THRZ this week?

Section 3: Exercise Assessments

Range from the Baseline, Component One, Module Two, and Module 3 results below. Activity

Lessons 1 . goal

Baseline Effects

Module 1

Wellness Program Results

Component 2

Wellbeing Plan Outcomes

Module 3

Wellness Strategy Results

Mile Run/Walk

Human body Mass Index

Cardio exercise Capacity



Trunk Lift

Stay and Reach

Exercise Assessment Representation Questions:

What regions of fitness demonstrate an improvement through these health assessments, and what actions do you think written for these improvements?

Section four: Flexibility Work out Log

Carry out and record stretching exercises for any eight muscle groups listed below for least 3 days each week, but you might stretch every day. You may put muscle groups and exercises of your choice into your routine.

Date #1


Day #2


Date #3


Versatility Exercises

Muscle mass Stretched

# of Reps


# of Repetitions


# of Repetitions


Lying Quad Stretch


Modified Hurdler's Stretch


Upper Back and Torso Extend


Calf Stretch


Lower Back Stretch out

Latisimus Dorsi

Chest/Bicep Stretch out


Shoulder/Tricep Stretch


Lying Belly Stretch


Versatility Reflection Inquiries:

What stretches are easiest for you and the most tough? How does this kind of relate to those activities you complete regularly with your activity log?

Section 5: Muscle Strength and Endurance Log

Date #1:


Date #2:


Time #3:



Muscle Performed

# of sets

# of representatives


# of sets

# of reps


# of sets

# of repetitions





Latisimus Dorsi







Complete physical exercises in three nonconsecutive days. Tend not to work the same muscle groups more than once within a 48-hour period.

Muscular Strength and Endurance Reflection Issue:

1 . What change to your regimen have you produced since starting? How has it affected the workouts?

2 . Search the internet for one positive and one particular negative sort of health and fitness advertising. Write a brief reflection for each and every that includes: The internet address of the advertisement

An outline of the ad–­its message and what it's " selling” What marketing technique that employs

A great analysis of why you believe the advertisement could have whether positive or negative effect on someone's wellness

Section 6: Physical Activity Log

Include most moderate and vigorous physical activity in the stand below. Continue to keep adding rows to show...

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