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Term: Patricia Mawardy

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Lecturer: Dennis Toh

Class: Category 1 (Monday 1pm-4pm)

Campus: Singapore


Zalora is usually an online buying website located in Singapore that founded in 2012. Up to today, Zalora possess over 500 brands of clothing, foot put on, accessories, sports activities wear, and beauty products both for women and men (Zalora, 2015). Zalora one of growing online shopping web page in Asia, therefore they have their own localized website for several country just like Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Vietnam. In 2013, Zalora capable of launched their own brand, which is called as " Ezra simply by ZALORA” (Zalora, 2015). Just lately they have opened up the physical store in Singapore, to be able to fulfil their very own customers' require so they are able to see the physical products ahead of they order it. The key target markets of Zalora are both people who affinity for fashion companies they who like to do buying online (Zalora, 2015). On the other Zalora also arranged their value same as realtor mls database, which make their target market able to get the goods they want in a reasonable and affordable price with good quality of goods.

Purchase Procedure

Need identification

The initial and most essential steps in buy process can be need acknowledgement, because the moment there is no need the demand for purchase the items or services will be not really exist too. There are different types of need recognition, such as internal stimuli, external stimuli, useful need, social need, and need for change (Perreau, 2014). In term in e-marketing Zalora get their own website that will make their customers better to recognise their needs of a products. Information search

Information search is the level when the buyers try to search the information regarding the product that they want to get. It can be done possibly from inside or external search. Interior search occurred when the buyers try to search the information through their own storage that is previously present (Perreau, 2014). Usually it comes via previous activities when they bought the products or perhaps services. Inner search often used for buying every day products, for example household goods. Moreover, external search generally used once customers search for the products or perhaps services data through the businesses reviews, one example is family member or friends. For Zalora clients they are able to search the information immediately through all their official web page, Facebook site, twitter site, Instagram, and last but not least Yahoo. Meanwhile in addition they can search the information simply by directly see a physical Zalora store aside from online exploration. Evaluation of alternatives

When customers possess retrieved all the details, they will evaluate which option is most ideal and perfect for them. You will discover two factors that they need to assess, which are the target characteristics and subjective attributes (Perreau, 2014). When there may be higher level of involvement on the clients, the high number of solutions that the clients need to consider will be significant. While carrying out an evaluation Zalora's customers capable to search testimonials from certain blogger web page and Facebook page. To get offline generally it will be through word of mouth among either all their friends or family. Buy decision

As a result of evaluated the alternatives, customers able to select and directly purchase the item or companies that is most suitable for them in this stage. As soon as the purchase decision has been manufactured, customers in a position to purchase the item directly through online or offline. Customers who want to purchase this online, capable of directly go to the official website of Zalora, meanwhile can be who want to see the product before order it, the can come right to the physical store. Content purchase evaluation

Once the chosen product have been purchased and used,...

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