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National Bravery Award

Bapu Gaidhani Merit

Year Identity Notes Age Indian express of origins
1994 Nilesh Umale Only saved some drowning ladies from a flooded lake. 12 years Maharashtra
2001 Andy Fernandes, Ashwini Kamath, Shruthi Ullal, Sridevi Damodar The girls together saved 18 of their classmates from too much water when a boat capsized. 13 15 years Karnataka
2002 Sweety Pandey 10 years
Dhanajay Ramrao Ingole 13 years
Rinku Burman 13 years
2003 Vivek Purkayastha Fearlessly fought with all the dacoits. 14 years Assam
Asit Ranjal Sama (posthumously) Lost lifestyle while trying to save various other children via drowning. 17 years Orissa
Lalramdinthara (posthumously) Shed life when trying to save other children from drowning. 15 years Mizoram
2004 And. Kandha Kumar (posthumously) Salvaged two of his schoolmates by pulling these people off the school van, caught at a level-crossing; passed away while aiming to save another. 11 years Tamil Nadu
Expert Lalthanzawna 14 years Mizoram
Majda alias Babli Saved a number of children among age 36 years, by drowning inside the Ganges canal. 11 years Uttarakhand
2005 Dugi alias Minati Revolted against child marriage. 14 years Orissa
C Susheela Revolted against kid marriage. 14 years Orissa
Mahesh Kumar Saved an 11-year-old lady from the jaws of a tiger. 15 years Uttarakhand
2006 Asma Ayyub Khan Helped approach 35-40 children of her institution to a safe place, during june 2006 Mumbai floods. 13½ years Maharashtra
Sushila Gurjar Fought against the social wicked of child marriage. 13 years Rajasthan
Shilpa Janbandhu Participated within an anti-naxalite motion, Salwa Judum, despite hazards. 15 years Chhattisgarh
2007 Raipalli Vamsi Preserved five girls from drowning, by diving into the Nagavali river 3 times. 12 years Andhra Pradesh
Boney Singh Saved two boys via drowning within a water container near Sagolband Meino Leirak, Imphal West-I. 16½ years Manipur
Amol Aghi (posthumously) Misplaced his lifestyle in running after robbers in Geeta colony, Panipat. 12-15 years Haryana
2008 Asu Kanwar Displayed amazing courage in standing up against child marriage. 14 years Rajasthan
Kavita Kanwar (posthumously) and Seema Kanwar Saved all their friends coming from an unintentional fire; Kavita lost her life with this accident. sixteen years Chhattisgarh
2009 Devansh Bidhuri (posthumously) Lost her lifestyle while conserving her close friend and his friend from too much water 10 years Uttar Pradesh
Deepak Kumar Kori (posthumously) Died although trying to preserve a girl from drowning because villagers looked on. more than a decade Uttar Pradesh
Vijith V Edonath Saved several children coming from drowning in river. sixteen years Kerala
Narendrasinh Solanki Saved his daddy from a crocodile in Dhadhar River. 17 years Gujarat
2010 Vishnudas K. Kept two children from drowning. 17 years Kerala
Moonis Khan Salvaged an old guy from a railway incident. 15 years Madhya Pradesh
Ipi Basar Rescued his paralysed 70-year-old aunt and 7-year-old cousin after her village caught open fire. 16 years Arunachal Pradesh
2011 Adithya Gopal (posthumously) Tried to save his friend by drowning, nevertheless lost his life. 13 yrs Arunachal Pradesh
Alguma Shankar Preserved victims of your bus accident. 14 yrs Delhi
Anjali Singh Gautam Saved her younger close friend in a naxalite attack. 12-15 yrs Chhattisgarh
2012 Hali Raghunath Baraf Saved her pregnant older sister via a panther. 15 yrs Maharashtra
Vijay Kumar Sainik Uttar Pradesh
Akanksha Gaute Fought alone with 4 persons following her father’s motorcycle. 16 yrs Chhattisgarh
2013 Sanjay Navasu Sutar Excellent bravery in fighting Leopard. 17. a few yrs Maharashtra
Akshay Jairam Roj Excellent bravery in fighting Leopard 13 years Maharashtra
Kumari Mausmi Kashyap (Posthumously) Lost her your life in planning to save a lady from too much water. She has been given the prize posthumously. eleven yrs Uttar Pradesh
Aryan Raj Shukla (Posthumously) Sacrificed his life in conserving four of his close friends lives by his impression of responsibility and brave action. He has been given prize posthumously. 14 yrs Uttar Pradesh
Rumoh meto Helped his older brother (Milu Mega) stuck to a 33KV high voltage series 13 years Arunachal Pradesh
2016 Tushar Verma Risked his your life to rescue elderly neighbour couple with the three cows and two bulls if the house started to burn. Chhattisgarh

1 . Shivampet Ruchitha, Telangana

8-year-old Shivampet Ruchitha became the youngest person to receive the award this season. On Come july 1st 24, 2014, Ruchita saved two of her school mates when a train hit their school tour bus. She noticed that their coach had halted on a train track and a train was coming towards them. Showing incredible presence of mind, the lady pushed two students out from the window and jumped off of the bus himself too. However, she cannot save her younger sis who was sitting in the front line. Her more youthful brother endured severe traumas, but he has recovered now. 16 students, the driver, and the conductor lost all their lives in that accident. The girl was honoured with the Geeta Chopra prize.

It feels good to get the limelight and get a great award from the Prime Minister. But I wish I was in a position to save my personal sister, as well, as we all miss her,  she told The Of india Express.


The Awardees get a medal, a certificate and cash honor. Gifts are given by philanthropic organizations.

Additional Rewards: Suitable awardees happen to be granted assistance until they complete their particular schooling. ICCW provides financial assistance under its Indira Gandhi Scholarship or grant Scheme to people undertaking professional courses including engineering and medicine and also to others right up until they finish their graduating. The Government of India features reserved several seats pertaining to the awardees in as well as engineering colleges and polytechnics.

16. Dishant Mehndiratta, Haryana

About April some, 2015, Dishant Mehndiratta i visited his residence in Panchkula, with his mom and younger brother. His father acquired just still left for operate when a stranger knocked in the door requesting him. The family invited him in and Dishant’s mother, Archana, called her husband to share with about the customer. His dad couldn’t identify the man and asked him to arrive later. This is when the stranger asked in the event he might use the bathroom. And while Archana was leading the way to show him the bathroom, he suddenly required out a knife and set it on her behalf neck. Using the threatening your children, asking them to bring out all the cash and valuables. Dishant made a quick plan and fell down on the man’s feet pretending to beg with him. And after a few seconds, he all of a sudden stood up, grabbed surgery from his hand, and threw this away. The family increased an alert and got him arrested. Dishant received the General National Braveness Award with this courageous act.

List of Accolades

  1. Bharat Award, since 1987
  2. Sanjay Chopra Award, since 1978
  3. Geeta Chopra Award, since 1978
  4. Bapu Gayadhani Honor, since 1988
  5. National Bravery Merit, since 1957

The awards are announced on November 14, Children’s Day, and later given by the Prime Minister of India, on the eve of the Republic Day, and later the Pres . On 26 th January, the awardees take part in Republic Day Parade at Rajpath , New Delhi .

The origin of the award dates back to October 2, 1957, when India’s first Prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru , was watching a performance at Delhi’s Ramlila grounds , at the Red Fort, and a fire broke out in a shamiana (decorated tent) through a short circuit. Subsequently, Harish Chandra, a 14-year old scout, promptly took out his knife, and ripped open the burning shamiana , saving saved lives of hundreds of trapped people ; this inc , and later Harish Chandra became the first recipient of the award . In 2001, a commemorative book titled ‘Brave Hearts’ was released featuring, features winners of the 1999 National Bravery Awards .

The 2008 awards were given by Vice Pres >Ansari instead of the PM #@@#@!, and for the very first time the real brand of a 08 award champion, 12-year-old Go up seller ‘ Rahul ‘ was help back, as he identified the men who have planted bombs on Barakhamba Road in New Delhi, during Sept 13, 2008, Delhi bombings, and helped police generate sketches from the suspects #@@#@!.

2 . Arjun Singh, Uttarakhand

In July 2014, a gambling entered 16-year-old Arjun Singh’s house in Uttarakhand. He showed serious courage and fought it off, saving his mother’s life who fainted as soon as the tiger joined. Arjun entered a room and picked up a sickle to fight the tiger. As it was too small to hit from a distance, Arjun nabbed a keep and waved it towards tiger. This individual did not quit until the villagers reached there and the dog ran away on viewing the group. Arjun received the Sanjay Chopra award.

Findings of the study and Generalization:

The findings of my study gave me a holistic idea of the situations which invoke behavioral traits reflecting bravery in us. Let me analyze the findings of my research in the pursuing lines, and try to relate this to the various aspects of bravery.

After under-going the replies, I found that one of the most prevalent varieties of bravery are

Psychological Bravery though crucial is a thing that I didn’t directly get in any of my evaluation subjects, although I believe that the form of braveness is a thing that we all display in our daily lives. Whenever we get over the anxiety of the future, we in a few forms display this, whenever we get over each of our fear of water & make an effort to swim we all exhibit this kind of.

On foundation my interview the following aspects of bravery arrived up:

Empathy: The test themes realized the pain & stigma which the party being subjected to clampdown, dominance underwent; their very own empathy drove them to action. It wasn’t sympathy or pity; this rather was the tacit understanding that these kinds of a misfortune can plague them also.

Clarity of thought: I found that in all of the of the cases, the participants had a obvious picture of what is right & precisely what is wrong; that they took the initiative mainly because they presumed that the other person had been wronged.

Self-belief/Confidence: All the respondents were to some extent or the different confident with their abilities. They believed in themselves & therefore backed themselves up. It absolutely was never a half-hearted make an effort.

Risk urge for food: I found which the risk currently taking ability with the person didn’t have a direct correlation together with his readiness to indicate acts of bravery. Therefore this shatters the age old idea that daring people are those who are most comfortable with taking hazards.

Fearlessness: Though important, I discovered that being brave doesn’t mean getting fearless, it’s just that specific situations lead to a reaction inside the subjects which makes them show up fearless. Although it’s only the strength of their inner certainty, not fearlessness which makes all of them act.

Pragmatism: I found that today’s daring were functional about the approach they followed, that they measured the advantages & cons of the circumstance and acted in a way which could ensure the success of their objective best. They will followed the greater realistic way even if this were the less gorgeous.

We Can Do Better

Using the Malala example being a starting point, my dissent cable television provided a platform to get broader representation on how all of us as a Foreign Service may do better. Like many officials, I have been discouraged over the years at the complicated and uncertain expulsion process, which usually all too often stifles or discourages outreach. Sometimes, the measurement process by itself seems more like a capricious obstacle course than a catalyst for successful public diplomacy. Drawing on these types of frustrations, My spouse and i used the dissent cable television to highlight several areas of particular concern.

1st, our measurement processes are very cumbersome. Although serving in Mongolia the previous year, it absolutely was disappointing to find out that it had taken no fewer than 32 validations to clear a great innocuous, book-length manuscript that was finally published simply by Hong Kong University or college Press. Something happens to be seriously wrong when it will take longer to clear a file than it does to write or perhaps translate that.

The best public diplomacy often occurs at a purely local leveland it is precisely this time that needs to number more plainly in both clearance procedure and in our approach to outreach.

Second, meaningful proposal is sometimes squashed before it even takes place. A control-oriented approach based upon decisions made thousands of a long way away breeds a tendency to steer clear of any media exposure, even when agreement is likely to be naturally. All too often we overthink issues, avoiding potential negatives which may or may not exist. Decisions also sometimes appear to be made depending on a fear about the heavy scrutiny that will adhere to, with occupations damaged due to perceptions that someone features misspoken or is in some manner off concept. 

Third, we are too reticent in taking on intense narratives directly, including radical Islamist kinds. The fact we don’t post meaningful content articles in the local press because of misplaced concerns about conspiracy theories elsewhere implies we have prematurely surrendered around the information the front. Somehow we need to become more confident about the ideals and foundations on what our own culture is built, to challenge even more directly those who find themselves committed to strongly destroying them.

The Merit

The award includes a honor, a license and money award, the Bharat Merit winner gets a platinum medal, even though the rest get yourself a silver medals #@@#@!. Additional they are also offered financial help complete their schooling, as an element of ICCW’s support programme and professional classes such as as well as engineering, underneath the Indira Gandhi scholarship structure #@@#@!. Last season, the Government of India declared reservation of some seats in As well as Engineering Schools and Polytechnics for details of the honor

Process of making use of

Nominations are received in the prescribed License request form which can be obtained from ICCW Workplace, New Delhi. The Application needs to be recommended simply by two of the listed Proficient Authorities. The form is to be accompanied by the following

  • a write-up of about two hundred and fifty words supplying the details with the deed performed by the applicant
  • evidence of date of birth
  • Newspaper/Magazine clippings and or the First Details Report (FIR) or Law enforcement Diary recorded with the Law enforcement officials Station.
  • The accounts of the episode as well as the supporting documents ought to preferably end up being endorsed by two of the following Competent Regulators.
    • Principal/Headmaster of faculty in which the candidate is learning or
    • Head of Panchayat/ Zila Parishad Standard Secretary or
    • President of the Point out Council to get Child Welfare.
    • Collector/DM/Govt. Official of equivalent rank
    • Supdt. of Law enforcement of the location or
    • Police Official of higher list.

Contribution to OB:

The above mentioned study of bravery can be one of its kind, having researched bravery in a qualitative basis I could get to working style to determine bravery of the person. As can be seen I possibly could find that there exists a correlation between bravery & a few other qualities viz.

Clearness of Believed

Using these kinds of above qualities we can arrive at a bravery scale for a person, this might help numerous organizations such as the police force or perhaps private secureness organizations and so forth in their selection. I believe an even more detailed research which involves a greater number of people as the sample, can further crystal clear the doubt regarding the fearlessness trait & bravery. Likewise I feel research can be performed to study internal bravery within a select inhabitants like inhabitants of a medication rehabilitation camp etc .

Case Prologue:

My buddy Mr. Z . was out with his partner, they found a case of eve-teasing, where a bunch of miscreants were misbehaving with two girls. Lots of people was distant to their plight. But Z intervened & tried rescuing the girls, inside the ensuing tiff Z acquired injured, nevertheless seeing his courage the people around the landscape also intervened & that they chased aside the miscreants.

Interviewing Unces was a massive eye-opener, since he had chanced not just his own basic safety but as well the safety of his girl to relief to not known girls. The findings happen to be as follows:

I found that Unces acted seeing that he was both equally disgusted while using behavior in the bunch of folks, and the public which has been turning a blind vision to the predicament of the helpless girls.

Unces knew that public follows a küchenherd mentality, this individual knew that if this individual took a stand the individuals around will abide by sooner or later, fortunately for him they joined them soon.

Z wasn’t sure if this individual could take around the miscreants one handedly nevertheless he even so wanted to give that a try.

Mr. Z knew that obtaining engulfed through this issue might risk not just his basic safety but regarding his sweetheart also.

Mister. Z believed that he was quite a fearless person, & but this individual didn’t have confidence in taking random risks, somewhat he was more of a pragmatist.

12. Mohit Mahendra Dalvi, Maharashtra

14-year-old Mohit preserved his 10-year-old neighbour coming from drowning in Banganga Lake last year. When Krishna Pashtye slipped into the lake, Mohit was the only 1 of the numerous onlookers who had the bravery to get into the lake and save her. Having been honoured with General Nationwide Bravery Merit.

I knew how to swim and so jumped in confidently. I could see the girl’s leg acquired stuck in mud in a ditch. My spouse and i tried to get her lower-leg out and managed to draw her out. When we was released, others raced and helped us,  said Mohit, an orphan who lives with his protector aunt.

Case Début:

This person, Mr. Y, was obviously a student of engineering, in a NIT. In his final 12 months, a friend of his (Mr. A) was accused of cyber-crime & data thievery, he was heavily penalized by institute Disciplinary Committee. Mr. Y together with his other good friends decided to protest this. That they managed to get all their entire batch together & sat over a silent protest. The large magnitude in the protest produced the Movie director of the company take note. Following speaking with Mr. Y & his friends, he organised a meeting in the Disciplinary Panel, and after a long-stretched process of reinvestigation Mister. A was found doing a minor offence, the penalties were reduced proportionately.

Coming from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

National Bravery Award
Award Information
Type Civilian
Category Kids below age 16
Instituted 1957
Last Awarded 2009
Total Awarded 756 kids (541 males and 215 girls)
Awarded simply by Federal government of India

National Braveness Award for Indian Kidsis given every year by Authorities of India and Indian Council for Kid Welfare ( ICCW ), to Indian children for meritorious acts of braveness against most odds.

The award is given to around twenty-four children under the age of 18. One of two coveted awards in this category are the Sanjay Chopra Award and Geeta Chopra Award implemented in 1978, in the memory of Chopra kids who la #@@#@!. The very best award in the category is a Bharat Honor, constituted in 1987, as well as the Bapu Gayadhani Award was instituted in 1988.

Implication of Group function:

As we can easily see, bravery or the lack of that influences the way a person behaves in public to a great extent. In my opinion when in a group this implications happen:

Groups often give the individual a sense of protection, as in circumstance of surveys takers 1, I think being within a group acquired its influence on his decision to act.

A brave person, I feel is an asset to obtain in your staff for he/she would be a great team-mate, individual who is comfortable yet consisting, one who is there to hold the group together in case of any kind of external danger or danger.

Brave people don’t shriek away from taking the charge, thus, making them ideal market leaders.

On an person level I believe, being courageous increases a person’s appeal & boosts scope intended for future rewards.

Brave folks are generally popular this in turn gets them & their group the kind of awareness which can be leveraged for their advantage.

One negative of an overtly brave person maybe that he/she might get the group involved in a potentially unsafe situation, just as case of respondent several, even though not really a case of group habit, Mr. Z . could have unconsciously landed his girlfriend in trouble.

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