Object-oriented Coding and Recommendation Summary Bottom line

Clark College or university of Research and Technology

SNS Bldg., Aurea St Samsonville Subd., Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Task management study provided to the

Faculty of the Computer-programming

In partially fulfillment from the requirements

Intended for the title of

Object Oriented Programming Terminology

Tungol, Axel-Yor

Gomez, Christallane

Velarde, Patrick John

Santos, Renato

Astraquillo, Angelo

Clark College of Science and Technology

SNS Bldg., Aurea St . Samsonville Subd., Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga

A project study presented for the

Faculty of the Computer Programming

In partial fulfillment of the requirements

For it of

Thing Oriented Coding Language

Tungol, Axel-Yor

Gomez, Christallane

Velarde, Patrick David

Santos, Renato

CariГ±o, Delight Valerie

Astraquillo, Angelo




CHAPTER I actually: Project as well as its Background


Theoretical Structure

Conceptual Framework

Statement from the Problem

Objectives of the Examine

Significance from the Study

Scope and Delimitation

CHAPTER 2: Review about Related Literary works

Review in Local Literature

Review on Foreign Literature

CHAPTER 3: Research Design and Procedures

Research Methodology

Research Instrument

Context Picture

Zero Plan

Data Circulation Diagram

System Requirements

PHASE IV: Photo taking Documentation

Screenshots Description and Codes

Data source Table

Job Schedule

CHAPTER V: Overview, Conclusion and Recommendation

Brief summary




Figure1Context Diagram

Figure2Zero Diagram

Figure3Data Flow Picture

Figure4Splash Form

Figure5Log-In Varieties

Figure6Main Menu

Figure7Farrowing Schedules

Figure8Pay Rotate




DCTHILLSFARM is a farm bought by Domie C. Tungol and Erlinda V. Tungol in year 1998, found in Sapang Bato, Angeles City. DCTHILLSFARM's organization just got authorized and it needs a system for this to start.

Definitely because of the reports that DCTHILLSFARM is going to start off its business, many people will want to sign up for, and it will desire a system to read the employees and the payroll.

Because the business is merely about to begin, there's but is no system for the farm to work with. Through studying the problem, the researchers created an idea to produce a computerized payroll system having a special feature that helps the farm monitor the farrowing schedules of the pigs.


Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Pentium IV or more

Hard Disk: eighty GB or Higher

Memory: 512 MB or Higher

Screen: SVGA Monitor (800x600 and 32-bitcolor)

Keyboard: Standard Computer keyboard

Mouse: Optic Mouse

Inkjet printer: Printing Unit (Ink Jet / Dot Matrix)

Computer software Specification

Main system: Microsoft Or windows 7 or Higher

Application Software:







These days, technology started to be very essential in all establishment. Through the early days, folks are capable of using writing instruments and documents on their daily dealings. The transformation of the setup increased because of the distinct technologies.

Computerized Payroll system is an application that will assist the DCTHILLSFARM's to keep track of the payroll of its workers. The system can be handy in processing the salaries of the staff especially for the owner this minimize all their works.


The researchers in the study will be developing a sort of proposal, which is the Electronic Payroll that may easily compute the salary of the staff to make all their works less difficult and more effectively.

In order to resolve the problem of the DCTHILL'SFARM's, the people behind the analysis gathered information on how these things to become done.

The device can be useful in computing the salary from the...

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