Adrian Monk, portrayed simply by actor Tony adamowicz Shalhoub, is an essential character in the USA Network series MONK. Monk is a previous homicide private eye for the San Francisco Law enforcement Department, suffering from an panic attacks known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as quite a few phobias. Following Monk's partner was killed, his disorder worsened bringing about his suspension system from the police force. When the series opens, Monk works as a exclusive police murder consultant and undergoes remedy to get over his panic attacks and phobic disorders. He is assisted by a non-public nurse who also helps him cope with his disability at work. Part One—Case Study

Character Background

The episode " Happy Birthday Mr. Monk” shows that Monk, born August, 17, 1959, is a Washington dc man of Welsh ancestral roots. Monk can be 50 years older, and came to be in Marin County, CA. He explained, " His alma mater is definitely the University of California, Berkley. ” His parents were very strict and authoritarian. Monk's daddy Jack Monk abandoned the family the moment Monk was eight years old. Jack declared he was gonna get Chinese language food, but he by no means came back. Ambrose Monk, Monk's brother, is agoraphobic and afraid to be sent in public. Monk's mom died in 1994. Because of these child years family situations, Monk is already a very hypersensitive and fragile person. Mister. Monk disfavors unorganized, irritating, dirty, and filthy persons. He also dislikes criminals, people who devote evil works, and scammers on the loose. That is the reason this individual became a homicide investigator. Mr. Monk likes people who help other folks, such as his physician and Trudy. In addition , he enjoys organized, clean, and neat people. Mister. Monk's power is that he can a very brilliant detective. As well as, he posseses an amazing photo taking memory, which helps him catch crooks. His weak spot is that this individual has many phobic disorders, which have an effect on his performance as a private eye. Mr. Monk doesn't have virtually any friends as a result of weird and odd behaviors caused by his OCD. His family involves his assistants/nurses Sharona, then Natalie. He also works with people in the homicide department, namely Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randy Disher. Stressors/Pathology

Mr. Monk would not have virtually any relationships with anyone, for the reason that of his odd behaviors. He acts strangely in-front people because of his OCD. In the show " Mr. Monk Constitutes a New Friend” he annoys a new friend by dialling him excessive. Monk points out himself, stating, " I actually can't not call him or listen to his tone. ” It is rather annoying to call a pal every hour. That is one of these of how Mr. Monk offers difficulty with personal human relationships. His wife, Trudy Monk, with which he had a meaningful relationship, died in a car explosive device. Before his wife's fatality, Mr. Monk's OCD symptoms had relieved. After Trudy was murdered, the OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER symptoms increased, and those around him could clearly see that he had issues, which influenced his job performance and led to his isolation. If the series starts, Mr. Monk's condition is definitely somewhat stable, but his lives in a great overly structured apartment. The battle Monk faces daily is learning to make it throughout the day together with his OCD. He tries to prevent everything that makes him uneasy or is viewed as a menace. Mr. Monk stresses within the fact that every single room has to be neat and tidy. Additionally everything has to be a multiple of 10; for example this individual buys a box of eggs, which will contains doze eggs and deliberately throws two eggs away. Mr. Monk noesn't need any great this disorder, but his brother was agoraphobic. Symptoms

Other symptoms of OCD manifest themselves commonly as ritual behavior including repetitive palm washing. Mister. Monk should wash his hands each time he splashes an object or shakes a hand. He becomes enthusiastic about shapes. For instance , his toast has to be an ideal square. Amounts occupy his time. As mentioned above, everything must come in many of 15. He has got the typical preoccupation with dirt and grime and viruses. For example , he can't stay in an messy or soiled room; this individual...

References: American Psychiatric Association (2000). Classification and statistical manual of mental disorders, Fourth Copy (4th education., text rev. ). Washington, D. C.: Author.

The DSM IV-TR, published by the American Psychiatric Association, is the authoritative book for physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and other health care professionals who have diagnose mental disorders. There are the diagnostic criteria and features, gear diagnoses, training course and prevalence of the disease. It is the first source for a clinical definition of OCD, however it does not prescribe any treatment. Other sources happen to be needed for that.

Baldridge, We. (2001). Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mindset and Mental Health, Vol. 2 (pp. 465-472). Pasadena, CA: Salem Press.

This is a very sound article that covers triggers and symptoms, treatments and therapy, points of views and potential customers, as well as a bibliography for further examining that recommendations the DSM-IV-TR. The discussion of causes is incredibly thorough and references the various models of psychology we learned in class (biological, behavioral, and so forth ). It is extremely helpful for general discussion of the disease.

Breckman, A., Hoberman, D., & Shalhoub, Capital t. (2002). MONK [Television series]. Artist, CA: USA Network.

This is the television series shown on the USA Network from 2002-2009 by which an ex-police detective with obsessive obsessive disorder serves as a quirky specialist to help solve white training collar crime. Performed by Tony Shalhoub, MONK was a hit that gave the USA Network a boost in household recognition. The series won a lot of Golden Globe Awards and Primetime Emmys.

Bill, K. (2002). Health Matters, Vol. 2: Mental Well being: Depression, Suicide, and Other Concerns. Danbury, CT: Grolier.

This newer, up to date definition can be shorter, created for high school students. That clearly describes what obsessions and compulsions are. Additionally, it has a clear definition of the epidemiology of the mental condition and the effect of the disease. Keywords will be defined in sidebars, which make them attainable and easy to know.

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